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Sanpete Veterinary Clinic
Sanpete Veterinary Clinic
1180 Blackhawk Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
Call or text 435-462-1776

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
Lameness Evaluations
We approach lameness cases
methodically, utilizing thorough
physical examinations, flexion tests,
and nerve blocks in your horse.  We
consider lameness diagnosis and
treatment one of our strengths at
Sanpete Veterinary Clinic.

Pre-purchase Examinations
Prior to the purchase of a new horse,
we highly recommend an
examination to determine the overall
health of the animal.  Pre-purchase
exams include a thorough physical
exam, opthalmic exam, oral exam,
neurologic exam and lameness
exam.  Depending on your specific
needs, other tests can be performed.  
Examples include radiographs,
bloodwork, drug screening,
reproductive exam and genetic
disease testing.  

Dental maintenance is very
important regardless of the discipline
your horse is involved in.  We employ
the latest technology in power dental
tools to provide a quality dental float
for your horse.  As part of our dental
service, we treat common conditions
such as sharp points, malocclusion,
retained caps and infected or broken

We perform many basic surgical
procedures including castration,
cryptorchid castration, wound repair
and management, hernia repair and
tumor removals.  More complex
surgeries requiring special
equipment are referred to an equine
surgical center.

We offer all basic equine
reproduction services including
breeding management, reproductive
ultrasound, artificial insemination,
management of poor fertility,
standing stallions for live cover or
shipped semen, frozen semen storage
and neonatal care.

Preventative and Internal Medicine
We offer all preventative medicine
services including vaccinations,
de-worming, yearly physical
examinations and nutritional
consultation.  We also offer
comprehensive internal medicine
services to correctly diagnose and
treat the problem.   

We routinely hospitalize horses for
medical conditions such as medical
colic, injuries, conditions requiring
IV medications, evaluations, or long
term treatments.  The clinic has
facilities to accommodate equine
patients hospitalization and
Injecting an arthritic hock joint.
Dr. Dent performing a pre-purchase exam.
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Stallions Standing at SVC for
the 2017 Breeding Season
Dr. Smothers performing a cryptorchid
castration procedure.  
Prepping an eye for third eyelid cancer