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Sanpete Veterinary Clinic
Sanpete Veterinary Clinic
1180 Blackhawk Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
Call or text 435-462-1776

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
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Our Canine and Feline patients are
who we see most at Sanpete
Veterinary Clinic.  

Routine Medical Care
Yearly physical examinations are
the foundation of our preventative
health program.  These exams are
the best defense against medical
problems before they become

We also offer micro-chipping
services, de-worming, heartworm
prevention and flea and tick
control products.  

Vaccination protocols have been
developed to keep your pet from
contracting the most common
diseases found in the area.  These
protocols can be customized based
on your pet's individual needs.  
Vaccinations are one of the easiest
ways to prevent serious disease.  
Unfortunately we see these
preventable diseases very often in
both canine and feline patients, so
get your pet in soon to get them

Internal Medicine
Our veterinarians are highly
experienced in diagnosing internal
medicine problems in your dog or
cat.  We have significant in-house
diagnostic capabilities including
bloodwork, various SNAP tests,
microscopic analysis and
urinalysis/fecal testing.  We often
utilize external reference
laboratories and board certified
specialists to assist us in
diagnosing your pet's medical

Surgery and Anesthesia
We have invested in the highest
quality modern anesthesia and
surgical equipment.  From routine
lump removals to several more in
depth orthopedic procedures, we
are experienced in surgical
techniques and care.  Every
surgical patient receives the
highest quality anesthesia.  We
have two isoflurane gas anesthesia
machines.  Every patient has
continuous blood pressure, heart
rate, ECG, respiratory rate, end
tidal CO2, oxygen levels and
temperature monitoring while
under anesthesia.  For every
surgical procedure we perform,
the patient is given pre-operative
medications to control pain.

We provide in house digital x-ray
and digital ultrasound services.  
These capabilities increase our
ability to correctly diagnose
disease quickly and efficiently.  
We also utilize board certified
tele-radiology services as needed.

Quality dental care has been
shown to positively affect your
animal's overall health.  We offer
state of the art dental services
with the use of an ultrasonic
scaler, high and low speed drills
and tooth polisher providing your
pet with a clean healthy mouth.  
Dental examinations and cleaning
are an easy way to prevent severe
dental disease and eventual tooth
Dr. Dent performing a lump removal surgery.
The Sanpete Veterinary Clinic lobby area.
Patient's teeth prior to dental cleaning/polishing.
Patient's teeth following dental cleaning/polishing.
Dr. Smothers performing a canine spay procedure.